ChevronWP7 Unlock Available Now: Install Homebrew Applications on Windows Phone

The future of smartphones and the main target of many huge companies Windows Phone OS has already raveled the market and has been a favorite for many over time. It has grown rapidly and has attracted many users as well as big companies such as HTC, Dell, Samsung, LG and now the ruler of mobile industry-Nokia-is likely to make an astounding comeback into the market after today’s development on Windows Phone platform.




Today ChevronWP7 unlock is officially available by ChevronWP7 team. ChevronWP7 tool allows you to unlock your mobile device running windows phone OS so that you can install, run and debug unsigned applications on your phone.

Microsoft and the ChevronWP7 unlock team announced earlier that they were teaming up to produce a low-cost developer unlock tool. It is available for $9.00 per device that eradicates the high $99 cost per annum in order to sign up as a developer. The application is available immediately and Windows Phone users can simply follow these steps by going HERE:

  1. A Windows Live ID will be required for registration
  2. ChevronWP7 Labs will distribute “unlock token”. The charge is $9.00 via PayPal or credit card per single device
  3. Download and install a custom unlock tool
  4. Device placed into an unlock queue managed by ChevronWP7 labs team
  5. Windows Phone device unlocked to load on custom XAPs and homebrew applications.

Once unlocked, you will be able to install homebrew applications such as Screen Capturer v3 that allows you to take screenshots from your Windows Phone.

That truly is a blessing for Windows Phone 7 users as now they’ll be able to install homebrew applications and this will also open doors for developers to easily develop and debug applications for windows phone users.




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