Check Out Halo 5: Guardians’ Armor Sets & Colors, Helmets, Stances, REQ’s & More


An image collage has been posted on Reddit and the Teambeyond forums, showcasing all of Halo 5's armor sets, helmets, weapon skins, stances and more.

Earlier this week we posted on how new details for Halo 5's multiplayer had allegedly been leaked from the latest beta build of Halo 5. Judging from the image collage, the leak seems to have been legit overall.

The original collage was posted as 1 giant image, so we cut it into smaller bits. Check out the individual bits below.

Armor Sets

343i has created a a HUGE variety of suits and helmets including brand new designs and lots of returning classics. According to 343's studio head Josh Holmes, armor options are unlocked  through the REQ system and 343 will be continuing to build and release new content post-launch.

Armor sets will use many different patterns and skins.


Halo will have limited customization options compared to Halo Reach. Armor customization will be limited to the body, helmet and visor of your spartan. No accessories will be available on Halo 5's helmets, as 343 has stated that they didn’t find the helmet accessories as compelling as the breadth and diversity of high quality content they want to support.

Weapon Skins



Assassinations are included in Halo 5, down below you'll find stills of the assassination animations. Players will able to pick which assassination animations they will use, this will be available in the game's arena mode as well. Certain assassination animations can last longer and as a result, players will take themselves out of the game for a longer period.

halo5assassinationsRequisitions (REQ)

Requisitions allow players to collect items from a large pool of compelling content, delivered in a series of randomized packs. The system was recently detailed by 343's studio head Josh Holmes. Holmes stated that wanted the system to produce the same joy and excitement that comes from opening a booster pack and discovering a rare card inside. The system would need to bridge all of your multiplayer experiences in Halo 5, and should provide an inventory of weapons, vehicles and power-ups to be used for the dynamic deployments that are featured in the new Warzone mode.

To see how Halo 5: Guardians performed in Digital Foundry's latest performance test, check out this post. Halo 5 will launch exclusively for the Xbox One on October 27th, 2015.