How to Change iPhone, iPad Language and Region Settings

Language and Region

Here's how you can change your iPhone or iPad's language and region settings in a few easy steps.

Change Your iPhone or iPad's Language and Region Settings to Better Suit Your Needs

If you have an iPhone or iPad at hand, you can change its language and region settings on the fly without much fuss. It's a simple matter of diving into a few menus and kicking things off from there. We will walk you through the entire process right away. Just grab your iPhone or iPad and leave the rest to us.


1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.

2. Navigate to General > Language & Region.

3. At the top you'll see an entry labeled iPhone Language. Use this to change the language of your device. You even have the option to change the Region, Calendar style and Temperature Unit.

Make changes as you feel necessary then simply close the Settings app once done.

Interestingly, changing the region of your iPhone or iPad enables features which are tailored for that particular region. For instance, if you switch your region to United States, you'll notice the News app appear on your home screen all of a sudden. But don't expect this feature to enable Hulu or Netflix if you are in an unsupported country. For that, you'll require a VPN or a DNS service that supports the aforementioned services.

Even if you don't plan on changing these settings, it's always a good idea to know about such things. There are instances where changing the region enables a lot of cool features in iOS. Furthermore, if there's someone who needs help in changing the language of their iPhone or iPad, knowing this feature beforehand can be a godsend for them.

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