How to Silence Incoming Calls on iPhone

Uzair Ghani
Silence Incoming Calls

Want to silence incoming calls on your iPhone? The method is easy as pie and it works for any call type including FaceTime.

Use the Volume Keys to Instantly Silence Incoming Calls on Your iPhone

So there you are, sitting in a meeting about to hit it big with that keynote you've been working on the entire night. But of course, you have no clue whether or not your iPhone is in silent mode, all set to break your momentum at a moment's notice. But before that even happens, you'll be pleased to learn you can silence incoming calls instantly, saving you from a bunch of embarrassment.

Simply press either Volume button on your iPhone to silence a call. Apart from a regular phone call, this works with any type of call on iOS including FaceTime, WhatsApp and more. The volume buttons are on the left hand side of the handset.

As I mentioned before, this method for silencing a call works for FaceTime as well. And if you have iOS 10 installed, then this method works with CallKit as well, so you can silence a call from WhatsApp, Skype etc. You don't have to worry about resorting to a different method for silencing a call as this one works across the board.

Wrap Up

Putting your iPhone in silent mode is the way to go in a lot of situations. But even then, one would consider dropping the curtains completely so that you are not disturbed at all given any sort of situation. If that is the case, then the Do Not Disturb feature in iOS is designed specifically for you. It will absolutely silence any call or text message for a specific period of time, or indefinitely, if you so wish. But you still have the option to let through important contacts if you so desire. You obviously do not want to miss that oh-so important phone call from your courier asking for your address, do you?

While this call silencing trick has been around for ages, it's handy to know about especially if you're a new user. There is nothing more embarrassing than an iPhone going off as loudly as possible with the user scrambling in sheer panic trying to silence the darn thing. The solution lies with just pressing the Volume button once. Nothing more, nothing less.

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