Change Your Apple Watch Layout For Enhanced Experience – How To


Every user has a set of preferences and priorities in the application department. To stop or hinder unwanted apps from coming into sight every time you access your Apple Watch. There are numerous layouts that you can develop on your own just by connecting the apps. The controls also enable you to place app icons where its feasible for you to access them. This will ease you to put your favorite apps where you want and how you want.

Fortunately, Apple has provided enough support to customize the Watch layout and re-position applications. On that note, users would have been  potentially bored by the single layout if the Apple Watch did not had support for customization. Moving on to the topic, lets head down to the steps required to change the layout and position app icons.

Transform Your Layout In Any Possible Design On The Apple Watch

If you have an Apple Watch, you will most probably have the Apple Watch Companion app that enables you to control your Watch from your iPhone. Below are a few steps provided which will guide you to change the Apple Watch layout and app positions.

  • Open the Apple Watch Companion App and head to App Layouts to change them.
  • Hold down apps and drag them to make a layout of your own. You will see that the Apple Watch App icons are displayed in a style that resembles a net. So icons should be arranged accordingly.
  • To position favorite apps according to your priority, hold and drag the app icon to the location you want them to be.

That's all there is to customizing your Apple Watch home screen. Do take note that the Clock App cannot be moved elsewhere. This is because when you go to the menu, it will always display Clock App in the middle and remaining applications at the sides. Another factor to observe is that the app icons are linked with each other, so you can not set an app apart from others, just what you cant do with your apps in iOS.

Its totally up to you how you want your layout to be by joining app icons together. Test your skills and design layouts according to your need and preferences. As for now, let us know if this helped you set your layout on the Apple Watch. Visit us again for more guides and how to's.