CD Projekt RED Explains Witcher 3 Delay


Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an upcoming CD Projekt RED title which is scheduled to be released on the 19th of May. The game has had its fair share of delays as the developers still felt that the game needed more time for stabilisation. We have had news about the PC version of the game running stably at 60 fps on a Nvidia GTX 980. We've also had some very terrific in-game screenshots now and then. The game in its current state looks terrific and better than many releases scheduled in 2015 and there is a reason the game is one of the most anticipated games of 2015. CD Projekt RED has kept us updated about the games developments especially after the delay since the game was completed but lacked finishing. In that stead, we have more news about the game for you where the developers explain why the game was delayed for so long.

Witcher 3 Developers Took Into Account ‘Only’ The Opinion of Their Fans And Supporters

CD Projekt RED held an event in Milan, Italy where they explained why the game was delayed for so long and was delayed twice in the time period. It was apparent at Gamescom 2014, when the game was displayed running in real-time, that the game needed finishing touches where it was quite buggy. The game definitely needs to be in top form to perform in the heavily populated environments which will definitely damage the frame rate. The Polish developer, Damien Monnier said to VG247 Italy said that the he was certainly very pleased with the teams decision to delay the game. The Senior Gameplay Designer of the Witcher 3 explained that they did not want an unstable game release and the second delay was quite easily explainable to the fans after the buggy release of the Assassins Creed: Unity.

"The decision wasn’t easy but we take care ourselves of the production, so we had to take in account ‘only’ the opinion of our fans and our backers,"

"Explaining the second delay was even easier for us. I am sorry about the problems Assassin’s Creed Unity faced at launch, but developers were forced to respect that release date and they could only limit the damage. Unity’s case made our decision simpler because it showed to our backers what could have happened to The Witcher 3, too. In the end, we were able to get all the time we needed."

Witcher 3 certainly looks stable according to some recent releases and seems like all that extra time paid off. The game looks beautiful graphically and might just be a title that will be remembered for years to come.