Catherine Classic First Update Fixes 30FPS Bug, Improves Controls And More


A new update is now available for Catherine Classic, the PC version of the unique puzzle game originally released on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 years back.

The new update, which is the first one released for the game, fixes some of the game's issues, such as the 30 FPS bug, improves controls and much more.

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  • Y Camera Axis fixed in boss stages
  • Japanese in game audio selection now changes effects to JP
  • Numlock no longer aggressively forced
  • Steam icons cached : will not change to Xbox 360 icons when game is out of focus when using PS4/Steam controller
  • Tutorials now use correct pad type display
  • Mouse cursor updated from live position
  • Cutscene cameras now interpolate between logic frames
  • Puzzle cameras now interpolate between logic frames
  • Characters now interpolate movement and animations between logic frames
  • Audio sink for WMV playback consistent with game device selection
  • Config option AUDIOFOCUS added to ini file, set to 1 to keep game audio when game is not in focus
  • Scores are validated as being possible before allowing them to display on the leaderboards
  • Pause now shows on screen when paused
  • Adjusted timings for the sheep on the title screen to be consistent across languages
  • Fixed mouse select for questions
  • Fixed blurred cutscenes

The update is currently in beta state, so you can only access it by clicking with the right button on the game in your Steam library, select the Properties menu, then the BETAS tab. When prompted, you have to use the following password: fujv64hbcw7683

Catherine Classic is now available on PC.

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