Catch ’em All in Style – Anniversary Pokemon 3DS Revealed, New Trailer Released


If you're very, very old, you'll remember when the original Pokemon games were originally released. Prepare to get your nostalgia on with this newly revealed 20th anniversary 3DS device.


Naturally, we'd have preferred a more iconic Poke mate on the back - something like Missingno for those of us hardcore enough to track him down - but these will definitely do.

Not only does this neat little console come packed with a choice of two face plates - one showing Charizard and the other Blastoise - but the original games come pre-loaded out of the box.

The two companion titles followed the adventure of a young Pokemon trainer as he travels the world, collecting badges and taking on Team Space Term. The franchise has massively evolved in the years since.

If you're not fancying a new console - despite the admittedly cool artwork - then you'll be happy to know you'll soon be able to download digital versions of the titles onto the 3DS.

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will be available to download on the 3DS from February 27th. It'll cost £8.99 or your local equivalent.

It's a little pricey for 20-year-old games, but things are worth what people pay for them, and these are games that people are always going to be happy to pay for.