Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Beta Trailer Drops, Map List May Have Leaked

Nathan Birch
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Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War launches in November, but you don’t have to wait until then to test out the game’s multiplayer, as its betas kick off this weekend! Activision and developer Treyarch have dropped a new CoD: Black Ops Cold War Beta trailer in order to get fans properly hyped – check it out, below.

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Looking pretty good, but what kind of content can we expect from the beta? The PS4 alpha that recently wrapped included five maps (Satellite, Miami, Moscow, Armada, and Crossroads) and the same number of modes (Combined Arms: Domination, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, and Hardpoint). You can probably expect similar content from the beta, albeit with some differences.

According to the beta trailer, we can expect five modes – Combined Arms: Domination, Domination, Team Deathmatch, Kill Confirmed, and VIP Escort. So, basically, Hardpoint has been swapped out for VIP Escort. But what about maps? Well, proven CoD leaker BKTOOR recently posted a listing of filenames for intro movies for the game’s maps (WARNING, some of these file names refer to campaign maps and could be considered mild SPOILERS).

So, we have six possible maps -- Satellite, Miami, Moscow, Black Sea, Tundra, and Cartel. Now, Black Sea and Tundra likely refer to the Armada and Crossroads maps from the alpha, but that leaves one extra map that definitely wasn’t in the alpha – Cartel. Based on the name, I have a feeling it might be related to the Miami map. Of course, this file list isn’t definitive proof of anything – we’ll just have to wait to see what’s included in the beta.

For those who haven’t been keeping up, or may have forgotten, here’s the beta schedule:

  • Weekend 1: PlayStation Early Access -- Thursday, October 8, and Friday, October 9 are available for early access on PlayStation 4 to players who have pre-ordered Black Ops Cold War on PlayStation 4 or PlayStation 5.
  • Weekend 1: PS4 Open Beta - Saturday October 10, to Monday, October 12 is free to all PlayStation 4 owners. If you’ve got a PlayStation 4 and an internet connection, you should be ready to engage, though PlayStation Plus may be a requirement in some territories.
  • Weekend 2: Xbox One and PC Early Access - Thursday, October 15 and Friday, October 16 are available for early access to anyone who has pre-ordered or pre-purchased the game on Xbox One/ Xbox Series X, or on PC via Blizzard respectively.
  • Weekend 2: PS4, Xbox One, & PC Open Beta - The second Beta Weekend is for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC owners, starting from Thursday, October 17, and running to Monday, October 19.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War arrives on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5 on November 13.

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