Call of DOOM Black Warfare Mod Allows Players to Battle DOOM Monsters With Your Favorite CoD Weapon Loadout


Tired of the original DOOM’s standard weaponry? The all-new Call of DOOM Black Warfare Mod allows you to battle the monsters of the game with an arsenal of weapons from the Call of Duty franchise.

The mod packs 70 new weapons from the CoD universe. In addition, the Call of DOOM mod also introduces modern game style support equipment from Call of Duty, including the survival knife, flashlight, frag grenade, night-vision, and more. It should be noted that users of the mod will only be able to carry 4 weapons at a time, and weapon placement changes randomly each time you play.

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“The kill speed is faster than Brutal DOOM, and even the weakest 9mm gun can defeat the Pinky Demon”, the description of the mod reads.

“However, you will always suffer from a shortage of ammo and recovery items.

Kill your enemies as soon as possible before they are attacked, like Call of Duty. Otherwise, it can have fatal consequences.

If you are a veteran player, choosing a higher difficulty level than ultra-violence (Brutal DOOM ver only) or a class with a stricter weapon possession limit will make you more thrilling.”

Interesting to know is that the famous mystery box from the Call of Duty: Zombies mode is also featured in the mod. According to the creator of the mod, the mystery box includes 90 different results.

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We’ve included some videos of the mod in action down below:

The Call of DOOM Black Warfare Mod can download via Moddb right here. Of course, you’ll need the full version of the original DOOM to be able to use this mod. Be sure to follow the installation instructions.

This mod is only available for the PC version of the original DOOM.