Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare New PC Update Fixes GPU Sync In Single Player, UI Issues And More

Francesco De Meo
Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare, the latest entry of the series developed by Infinity Ward, has recently received a new update on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, introducing a variety of fixes that improved the experience. A new update is also available for the PC version of the game, bringing the same fixes of the console version patch as well as some PC specific improvements.

Among the Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare PC specific fixes included in the latest update are UI fixes and improvements, volumetric optimization, fixes for GPU sync in single player and more.

PC Specific Updates

* Add support for raw mouse input.
* Fixed issues where recent changes to ButtonHelperText were not playing nice with the user's ability to change gamepad enabled status.
* Additional restart game warning has been added to the "Optimal Video" option to allow the user to be warned that the game will restart when setting to optimal settings.
* Changed Particle Lighting option description to be more descriptive and not imply it is a toggle.
* Fixed issue where a LUI error will occur when attempting to select a locked weapon in the SP loadout menu.
* CaC PC Keyboard-only - show key hint for personalize attachment and use a tinted background when on PC/Keyboard.
* Fixed mute hints on PC mouse and keyboard not displaying the hotkey. Fixed for CP/MP scoreboard and frontend lobbies.
* PC volumetric optimization
* Fix for PC entitlements
* PC - prompt user to update display driver if it does not meet our minimum version (we need to encourage users to take the latest AMD drivers to get shader cache fixes(
* Fix PC keyboard Jackal Roll to feel less mechanical
* Smoothly blend in aim desires for Jackal along the Roll axis while using keyboard and mouse. Note that Yaw and Pitch are still not blended while using mouse and keyboard to improve responsiveness.
* fix for Russian character decoding problem
* Colour Blind rendering fixes
* MenuButton in CP has been updated so that its width will be adjusted to match what it is currently displaying, and will no longer be anchored to the right in CP. This allows mouse input to not highlight or activate buttons when the mouse pointer is seemingly not going over anything.
* Improved Helper Button Bar on PC. These changes activate if the game is on PC, gamepad is disabled, and it is not ingame-SP.
* Helper buttons (commands on bottom of screen in menus) are reformatted to be large button to click on with the mouse.
* Select" helper button is not drawn.
* Keyboard hint is not drawn if the button is clickable.
* Non-clickable buttons will have their hint drawn, and they will not get the new button treatment.
* Certain helper buttons in MP frontend are no longer clickable (e.g. some of the hints in MP CaC, for hotkeys).
* Full Screen ghosting bug fix for multiple monitors
* Fixed issues with window client sizing when the Windows DPI setting is not 100%
* Stability fixes for multi-gpu setups
* Fix for GPU sync in SP for optimal latency input
* Zombies - Move player splash further to the right when offscreen to hide in Ultra widescreen mode on PC .
* Exfil - Player's jackal can get stuck in a locked-on state wherein it continues to speed forward without moving
* Fixed issue where certain UI items were still able to be selected and change the 3D scene view when using a mouse when editing a single loadout. This would occur when mousing over on the left side of the screen in the LoadoutSelect menu while running the game with an aspect ratio wider than 16:9.
* Fix for pre-baked shadows on PC
* Zombies - For PC keyboard - Fix 'unbound' button hint for unpausing a challenge.
* Adding missing processing of the self visibility data in the CPU skinning code.
* Fix estimation of mip chain counts for render targets and all single mip image resources.
* Cinematic hitching playback fix
* Fix an issue where the ship assault briefing window on OpsMap was offset incorrectly on non-16:9 aspect ratios.
* Fixed issue where a LUI error would occur when changing between gamepad and keyboard support.
* Zombies - Global - Users are unable to mute other players while using the Mouse and Keyboard control scheme while in a Zombies match.
* Fixed issue where attaching a controller when in the Gamepad Control Options menu would cause the Gamepad Enable/Disable selection to become inconsistent with the current gamepad enabled status.
* Fixing nameplates on PC when using non 16:9 aspect ratios.
* Invalidate shader cache on video driver version change
* Fixed an issue where when using the gamepad or keyboard to navigate and modify advanced video settings, the settings button being modified would lose focus every time the setting was changed and the "vid_reconfig" command was executed.
* Added "Copy other config" in controls for PC only
* Render resolution is now driven by total pixel count
* Fix the minimap jumping when pitch goes past 90 degrees on PC.
* Fixed issue where gamepad enable/disable option button could be locked if the user closes the game while the gamepad is enabled, disconnects the gamepad, relaunches the game, and declines to switch to mouse and keyboard when the popup to switch appears.
* Various advanced video options and optimal video bug fixes
* The Combat Rig payload/perk preview box will remain overlapping the Loadout previews when moving the mouse cursor down from 'Select Combat Rig' and rapidly pressing F1 and ESC.
* Fixing race condition in network status changed event code
* CP- End of match scoreboard broshot is cut off with a PC using an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 at Resolution 1920x1200
* Prevent PC from exiting frame early for throttling in the UI
* Fix for Keyboard and mouse controls are unable to interact with the in-game scoreboard.
* Updated Texture Resolution option on PC to only prompt the user to restart the game to update its setting after it loses focus from the user deselecting it after making a change to its value. If the user decides to not restart, the value returns to its original value before any changes had been made.
* Display numbers instead of special characters for bindings on keys 0-9 when playing in french
* Loadout menu now has Clear buttons on all applicable boxes.
* Loadout menu now has Personalize buttons on the weapon and scope buttons when applicable.
* Weapon name and rarity are moved to a different position to accomodate the new buttons.
* Scope "F1"/"Triangle" personalize hint now only displays if controller is enabled.
* Zombies - fix for facemelter distance ratio being too small
* Shrunk and moved the brightness box down on the PC options so it does not overlap the menu.
* Enable all killstreak actionslot keybindings to work in Drop Zone
* Update to PC FOV Scaler
* Fix for PC bug with cached shadows

Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare is now available in all regions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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