Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare Multiplayer “Feels Like Black Ops 3”, Zombies Is “Pure Fun”; Explosives, Payloads Detailed


A few months after the initial reveal, Activision and Infinity Ward finally lifted the lid on the Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer, allowing COD XP attendees to try it out. A few hours ago, one of these lucky gamers shared some interesting impressions on how the Infinite Warfare multiplayer feels like as well as more details on some of its features.

According to reddit user fairport_, the Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare multiplayer feels a lot like Black Ops 3. Movement does feel different, and a bit clunkier apparently, but those who enjoyed the previous entry of the series will apparently like the new one as well.

Felt like BO3 really. The movement wasn't as chain based like BO3, wall running felt clunkier. You couldn't jump as high or wall run as far which I kind of liked. The maps we played really didn't play into the whole movement thing. Like on a few BO3 maps where they have shortcuts for wall-running only, there was none of that in IW. The only time I really boost jumped was to get into a window or on top of something.
If you like BO3 you will like IW.

As already mentioned, fairport_ also talked about some of the Infinite Warfare multiplayer features. Many have noticed from the footage shared last week that explosives are really effective in the game, and he confirmed that, while very powerful, there's some good diversity, which makes them more effective only in specific situations, so it's not easy to abuse them over and over.

COD4 strong. Though with the amount of diversity there is for lethal grenades (I do think there are too many options but that's a different point) that you wont be seeing frags all that much. They each have their own place where they're extremely lethal. For instance I started to use black hole grenades when defending B flag because it would pull them out of cover.

Fairport_ has also been asked about payloads, mentioning that they do feel powerful, but they have a slow earning rate at the moment.

They do feel powerful, but the earn rate is definitely slower, I really only got my special ability twice in a domination game, once per side, twice in one round if I was having a really good game.

Speaking about powerful tools, fairport_ also mentioned that, among the special weapons he managed to try, he really liked one in particular. Sadly, he couldn't earn them as quickly as in Black Ops 3, so he had very little time to experiment.

I didn't earn them as quickly as BO3. Some of them have me worried, but where we only had time for a few games, most people didn't have a chance to experiment with them all. I did really like that claw gun (the crossbow-looking gun from the trailer).

Lastly, fairport_ also talked about Zombies, which has quite a bit of potential, considering Infinite Warfare setting. According to him, the map was huge, as he played it three times and didn't see all it has to offer.

It felt like it could be deep like Treyarch Zombies but the I loved the simplicity of it. The map was huge, I played it 3 times and I didn't see the whole map. It was just pure fun.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare launches this November on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.