Call of Duty Black Ops ad shows anyone can be a soldier

There is a new Call of Duty Blacks Ops ad which just goes to show that just about anyone can be a kick ass soldier, whether it's basketball player Kobe Bryant or Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, and judging from the video these celebrity sure do love their explosives, Kobe Bryant is using the explosive crossbow while Jimmy Kimmel is using a custom RPG with the words "PROUD n00b" inscribed on the side of it, (This by the way is a feature of Black Ops online)

The tag line at the end of the ad "There's a soldier in all of us" is very true I mean isn't that the whole reason we play such games and why they are such great sellers? Although Black Ops has been leaked for the XBOX 360 and the PC (No crack out yet) the PS3 version is only 2 days away and I for one can hardly wait for the game. My trigger finger is itching for some new gameplay.

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