Broken Xbox One Consoles – Early Users Report Various Issues

Fahad Arif

Both the next-gen consoles, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One have been released showing a successful launch. Every console faces some systematic issues in its early stages. PlayStation 4 also had hardware faults and now Xbox One owners are also reporting various defects in their systems.

Early Xbox One Owners Report A Green Screen Of Death, Broken Disc Drive And Various Other Errors

Xbox One is here and just like PlayStation 4 and many other gaming consoles, it also carries some expected initials defects. The early console adaptors from Australia and New Zealand were first to report broken Xbox One consoles. The console released yesterday in over 13 countries hitting 1 million launch day sales and now users from all these countries are reporting initial Xbox One issues.

Unlike early PlayStation 4 consoles that only came with problem of outputting no display, users are reporting various types of broken Xbox One consoles. Some users reported their Xbox One is crashing and rebooting again and again, one has a problem with his headset that is outputting no sound, some report “E100” error that comes up after total hardware failure caused by an update error, some say their Xbox One is eating disks, some see no display and some can not get their console to boot at all.

Official Xbox Support Forum is full of Xbox One users screaming about their broken Xbox One consoles. One of the problem is being dubbed as “Green Screen Of Death”. The console suffering with this problem would not boot past the starting green Xbox One logo screen. Microsoft has asked the owners to contact customer support but has yet given no response specifically to this problem.

Second most discussed issue is of the Xbox One disc drive which is being called “Transformer drive”, the reason behind that given name is that Xbox One disc drive makes grinding and crushing noise when a disc is inserted into it, needless to say, keeping the owners from playing disc based games. The console does not even recognize some disc based games. Below is a video of broken Xbox One disc drive and the console buzzing without any known reason:

Microsoft was already expecting broken Xbox One issues but like Sony, Microsoft also claims that the number of affected consoles is very less compared to the units sold. Here is what the company has to say about the initial issues.

"The issue is affecting a very small number of Xbox One customers. We’re working directly with those affected to get a replacement console to them as soon as possible through our advance exchange program. Rest assured, we are taking care of our customers."

Seems like Microsoft has prepared the repairers back at Xbox support for some tough time. The company is asking its customers that if they get a broken Xbox One, all they need to do is contact the Xbox support to get it fixed. In a statement sent to Kotaku, Microsoft said,

“We know that with a hardware launch of this magnitude customers will have questions and we have many avenues for customers to get the answers they need and get back in the game as soon as possible. Rest assured we plan to take care of our customers. Any customer who believes they are experiencing an issue with their Xbox One should reach out to us.

There are many avenues available for customers to get in touch with us including:
- Talking to a live customer support person that can call you back if you don't want to wait
- for support pages and forums
- On Twitter with @XboxSupport
- There are also Help and diagnostics on the console by saying "Xbox Help"

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