Broken Age PS4 Version Has a Release Date

Jeff Williams

Double Fine has graciously given us a the details about the upcoming release of their very fine production, Broken Age, on the PlayStation platforms. Broken Age will be available on the PS4 and the PS Vita on April 28th.

Broken Age
Broken Age
Broken Age
Broken Age


Broken Age has officially been given a release date for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita, April 28th 2015.

The magical world of Broken Age is filled with wonder and delight and has wowed the PC crowd, through Steam, since the beginning of this year. It's a 2.5D adventure game that makes use of a hand-painted aesthetic to capture the uniquely psychedelic nature of the game. And soon you'll be able to participate in that journey in Act 1 of Broken Age on your PS4 and PS Vita as well.

The full Broken Age adventure is coming to PS4 and PS Vita on April 28th through a partnership with the PlayStation Third Party Production team and it features cross buy, cross save, and lots of pointy-clicky adventure gaming fun times. Stay tuned for more Broken Age updates.

Hopefully the PlayStation platforms are able to capture the truly unique nature of the game. It presents a great story that allows you to enjoy the story from two perspectives, at the same time, or in different capacities. Like most adventure games, there are puzzles aplenty to discover and complete, but they aren't the focus of the game. Instead it's on the incredible journey presented in beautifully rendered scenes.

Act 1 is now available and Act 2 will be a free update for all platforms when its released sometime later this year. Below are the key features as mentioned by the games creator.

Key Features:

  • Pointing
  • Clicking
  • Original soundtrack, composed by Peter McConnell, recorded by the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra
  • All-star voice cast, including Elijah Wood, Jack Black, Jennifer Hale, Wil Wheaton, and Pendleton Ward
  • Dialog Trees!
  • Some jokes. Unless you don't think they're funny, in which case we totally weren't trying to be funny.
  • A whole bunch of awesome PUZZLES
  • This one really hard puzzle that you won't get but you'll look it up online and not tell anybody
  • All your hopes and dreams
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