Brits Don’t know who Steve Jobs is

Well only 20% of them don't know who is he but then again a nation which spends on an average of 23 hours on the Internet has some more soul searching to do (or preferably web searching) to find out more about who is who in the world. It's not that I am criticizing the lack of knowledge [read: ignorance] of Brits about the daddy's of the tech world but am asking a question that if they don't know who is Steve Jobs after surfing the Internet for 23 hours a week then what are they doing?

Have a look at a little survey by Lewis PR and TheNextWeb revealing the Brits have fairly good idea who Bill Gates is (just because he is one of the richest and not because of Microsoft). More Interestingly, a question about what is social networking has left many baffled and they had no clue whatsoever it was. Seems like Facebook needs to put up a banner for one of their most loyal fans in Britain that Facebook is a "social networking site".

88% of the respondents did not even know what Twitter was and we go on and on with how Twitter has changed the face of micro-blogging. Mind you these are the people who buy the everyday tech products and not knowing about the company which makes those products is somewhat, in my opinion, stupid.

The entire survey revealed one main interesting face and that is people do not have interest in Tech Personalities but tech only. They know Internet is used for surfing and obtaining information along with a source of infotainment but they do not know or did not bother to know who was the brain behind the tech they use. Ironic isn't it?!

UK Internet Statistics 2009:
Total Internet Users: ~46 Million
Total Broadband Users: ~15 Million
Internet Penetration: ~76%

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