BREAKING: Microsoft 100% Guarantees That No Future Update Will Ever Break Windows Again


Microsoft has developed a very clever way of ensuring that all future Windows 10 updates will be 100% guaranteed to never cause any problems.

Microsoft has been having a rough time lately with updates, with its major 1809 version update of Windows 10 from October 2018 having lots of problems, such as losing people's data, crashes and disabling of the administrator account. Not the kind of things that you would expect to see such a lot of on a flagship product.

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Our Microsoft development team insider explained the new strategy, which is due to be officially announced in the next few days:

Windows 10 is very stable now, delivering an excellent customer experience - we want to keep it that way. Also, we want to encourage our customers to upgrade to the latest version much sooner than they do now through greater confidence that the product will work properly after applying updates.

Microsoft can now guarantee 100% continued stability from all future updates, by only updating the version number of current updates to a later one and issue them as an update. For example, version 1 would become version 2, then version 3 and so on. The jump between version numbers will be bigger if it's a more significant improvement.

These will appear as mandatory updates in Windows Update, then download and install in the usual way. Since the program code is the same, 100% total stability from all future updates is assured, so our customers will continue to enjoy the best experience possible with Windows 10.

Our insider went on to explain that other major products, such as Office, will move over to this new update strategy soon.

This is a breaking news story, so more details about this new development as we get them.

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