Borderlands Game of the Year Edition Latest Mod Introduces Third Person View Mode

Borderlands Game of the Year Edition

Borderlands 3 has finally been announced for PC and consoles, and some may have decided to play through the first entries in the series through the Borderlands Game of the Year Edition. If you're planning to play the games on PC in a completely different way than the developer intended, you may want to check out a brand new mod which introduces a third-person camera view.

The Borderlands Game of the Year Edition third person view mod is a well-made one, but aiming can get imprecise every now and then, so the modder suggests switching to first-person view to reset it.

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Aiming with 3rd person isn't always perfect(but it's pretty damn good), so you might have to switch back to first person for a few seconds to "reset" your aim.

Using the cursor to activate objectives/pick things up works flawlessly.

When you scope in, it will switch back to first person mode for the duration you're doing so.

You have to be further away than you think to melee people.

When you go into the "Fight for your Life" you'll be put back into first person mode, and you'll have to press your bind to go back into third person mode twice.

I personally use these settings with an FOV of 110.


I recommend going to the Borderlands Wiki to find some other ini edits you might enjoy.

Only the host in Multiplayer lobby's can use this mod.


If you don't set your WillowInput.ini to read only mode, then all of your binds will be reset upon getting in game.
So make sure that you have all of your binds to how you like them before you install the mod.

The mod can be downloaded from Nexus Mods.

Borderlands Game of the Year Edition is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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