Free Bonus Game for PlayStation Plus Members This Week – Mighty Flip Champs!


PlayStation Plus members can get an extra free game this week in the form of Mighty Flip Champs! The game is available for the PS3, PS Vita and PSP. If you go over to the PlayStation Store using your device and search for Mighty Flip Champs! you'll see that it's free.

In case you are unable to access the PlayStation Store from your device you can use this link. Just make sure to add Mighty Flip Champs!  to your download list before the offer closes this weekend. This is only available for the US. and Canada at the moment.

Mighty Flip Champs! is a nice little puzzler platformer in which players take control of Alta

Mighty Flip Champs! is a puzzle/platform game hybrid, requiring players to explore stages that vary from having two areas to up to eight areas. The objective is to get the player-character, Alta, through the stage and to find the Fishman. Later in the game, levels will add characters that Alta must find before she may exit the stage. Alta has only two abilities: movement and flipping. Movement requires use of the directional pad, allowing Alta to move only left or right. The player controls Alta in one screen with a mirror image of Alta shown. Players are able to flip to a different screen by pushing a button. When these screens are flipped, the area on the bottom screen will appear on the top screen; depending on the number of areas, the top area will be moved to the bottom area, or a new area will be revealed. If Alta does not have any footing to land on, she will fall, though uninjured. If there is an obstacle in the way while flipping, she will lose and the level will end. Some special stages exist where Alta cannot flip the screen, and is at the whim of a clock which flips the screen every so often. Once a stage is completed, the players are shown their time and an accompanying rank, the highest being an "S".

Mighty Flip Champs! is a nice little puzzle platformer and has received high praise from players and critics. It's definitely worth the download if you are a PlayStation Plus member.