BOE reveals 27-inch FHD 500 Hz+ gaming display, the world’s highest refresh rate ever in a display

Jason R. Wilson

With the ripening demand for viewing display progression and live broadcast of extensive and important events, large-scale, high-resolution, and high refresh rate monitors have drawn the attention of prominent manufacturers, and the advancement of semiconductor display performance is encountering an innovation boost. One technology, array driver, is becoming more essential to the display tech industry.

Today, BOE Innovation Exchange announces the company's tremendous breakthrough in oxide semiconductor display technology.

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The world's first 27-inch FHD display with an extensive 500 Hz+ display refresh rate launches from BOE Innovation Exchange

BOE is currently the leader in display technology breakthroughs, including the oxide semiconductor display market. The company has also overcome hurdles that have plagued the industry, such as copper (Cu) easy to oxidize, diffuse, and drill and engrave, allowing them to lead the industry of high-scale production of copper interconnect stack structures.

BOE reveals that the company has developed a 27-inch display on their website, offering full high-definition (FHD) and a staggering 500 Hz+ display. The company is the first to develop such a high refresh rate in a monitor for home or industrial use.

The company posted the following teaser video for the new display:

With the addition of oxide display technology to assist in boosting refresh rates resolutions and maintain a minimal consumption on power, this display is set to offer an amazing experience for consumers wanting the ultimate in viewing their entertainment.

Oxide semiconductor display technology has the advantages of high mobility, low off-state current, simple process technology, and large size, which can meet the dual needs of future product quality improvement and energy consumption reduction, and has become an inevitable trend in technology and market development. . However, in the industrial application of oxide technology, the instability of traditional oxide thin film microstructures such as device performance degradation under bias stress, illumination, and high current, as well as the matching problem of copper process and oxide process, are urgently needed for semiconductors. Shows common problems solved by the industry.

Consumers have shown that when looking at a 4K and 8K resolution, they could not see the difference. However, the real question is, will users really see the capabilities of the new display and its technology? Also, with offering an amazing refresh rate of 500 Hz+, what price will be requested for a premium display such as BOE's offering?

Currently, no price point or release date is shown for the new FHD display, or it will only show a release in Chinese markets.

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