BOE’s OLED Panels Get Certified by Apple, Will Be Used on Base iPhone 14

BOE’s OLED Panels Get Certified by Apple, Will Be Used on Base iPhone 14

BOE, the Chinese display maker previously banned from delivering OLED panels to Apple due to cheating on the job, is rumored to be added to the supply chain once again. However, the manufacturer is said to just produce units for the base iPhone 14, but at least something is better than nothing.

BOE Is Said to Undertake a Significantly Smaller Order, Compared to the Likes of Samsung and LG

Previously, BOE was reported to supply Apple with 10 million OLED units for the iPhone 14 series. Unfortunately, the firm ran into production issues, after which the display maker was caught cheating by cutting corners and consequently, removed from Apple’s supply chain. According to Runto Luotu Technology Research, the deal is back on the table, with BOE expected to mass produce 5 million units for the base iPhone 14 model.

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This figure is a conservative one, compared to the number that Samsung and LG are expected to fulfill, which is 60 million, and 25 million, respectively. Samsung was earlier reported to supply Apple with 80 million OLED panels for various iPhone 14 models, so for now, the exact number is all over the place. BOE may have been placed on probation by Apple, which is why it could be mass producing only 5 million OLED orders.

Apple could later monitor the quality of these panels, and if these pass the company’s stringent requirements, it may give BOE the green light to produce more. Assuming BOE fails to pass the initial shipments run successfully, Apple would likely have prepared its remaining suppliers, Samsung and LG, to make up for the remaining orders. If BOE had not taken the easier route of producing OLED panels, it would have received 30 million orders for the iPhone 14 series, resulting in a decent payday.

After that earlier incident, Apple could keep a closer eye on its supplier.

News Source: ITHome

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