BMW’s Vision Next 100 Is The Concept Car Of Everyone’s Dream


BMW is on its World tour this year and is busy presenting to the world a series of concept cars that establishes the company’s vision for the next 100 years. These concept cars are a projection of our wildest fantasies and cater to the dreams of every dynamic youth out in the world.

This week’s debutant is the Rolls-Royce and BMW’s mini model that show more zing over practicality but this is all what the youth dreams of right? Youthful, dynamic, ostentatious; you name it and these concept cars have features that satisfy your wildest imagination. These concept cars are all in for changing the traditional things like dashboard and rear-view mirrors and bringing in more high tech alternatives to these simplistic things.

Set your eyes on the future, the BMW Vision Next 100

Futuristic concept cars are always a form of excitement among the people crazy about the automobiles but the concepts presented by BMW in March in all its glory in London has driven our expectations and excitement up another notch. The BMW’s Vision concept is simply amazing. It is high-tech, eye-catching and despite its thoroughly streamlined shape is able to accommodate four people.

In addition to this it has enough room to include a fantastic set of fin-like taillights. Now what more can one want? Ever drawn futuristic cars as a kid that the adults didn’t believe in? Well don’t worry now, as this new concept is bound to make your dream car look believable.

According to Adrian van Hooydonk, head of the BMW Group Design, “if you are able to imagine something, there’s a good chance it could one day become reality.”

BMW has set itself a development horizon of about two to three decades for this concept and is looking far beyond the present trend of adding more displays to interiors or adding flexible OLED displays to the point of making the entire windscreen a giant display. Now this is something we all are looking forward to. It even suggests that BMW is planning on a new alive geometry that will shift the car’s current shape according to how it is being driven. It may flare out or it may taper down just as required. Interesting isn’t it?

The BMW experience will be unparalleled

The whole purpose of these new concepts is to provide the drivers the ability to engage with the whole experience. To provide this emotional experience it is necessary to have an emotional design structure. This is the sole reason why the headlights resemble falcon’s talons and the beautiful honey gold paint job moves out as small polygons as it evolves in a very subtle manner from the metal exterior to the dark pane windows.  The company provided videos that enabled the viewers to experience the interior of the concept and what the drive in this Vision would feel like. This car consists of both an Ease mode and a Boost mode. The Boost mode is for keeping up with the BMW’s driving tradition and the Ease mode for a relaxing ride. Now who wouldn’t look forward to both these experiences?

The BMW, Rolls-Royce and Mini Vision Next100 concept cars have been on show at London’s Roundhouse from this Saturday and will be through next week.

Check out the pictures in this gallery. (@The Verge)