Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Latest Trailer Showcases Visual Improvements

Bloodstained Ritual Of The Night

A brand new trailer has been released for Bloodstained Ritual of the Night, the upcoming game developed by Koji Igarashi, the creator of the Castlevania series, and his team.

The new trailer, which can be watched below, focuses on the visual improvements that have been made to the game in recent times, which are definitely noticeable.

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Igavania is back in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night - a 2.5D sidescrolling gothic action RPG from the godfather of the genre, Koji Igarashi. Fight, Craft and Explore as you battle endless demons and race to save yourself, and the world, from the encroaching darkness.

Discover multiple playable characters, branching ending paths, tons of bosses, the biggest Igavania castle ever, and hundreds of spells, weapons, enemies, loot and cosmetic customizations!

Oh btw: we got celebrity voice actors like David Hayter (Snake – Metal Gear) and a live orchestra soundtrack composed by the legendary Michiru Yamane…just saying…

Bloodstained Ritual of the Night launches this Summer on PC and consoles. We will let you know more on the game as soon as more come in, so stay tuned for all the latest news.

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