Bloodborne: Game Controls and Gameplay Explained in an Eye-Catching New Trailer

At first it was 'The Order: 1886' going gold and getting a new trailer, now its 'Bloodborne' which has a new trailer to its name. Sony looks to step up the anticipation for the PlayStation 4 console and it's games, probably because of the upcoming 'Windows 10' announcement later this week which might also showcase news for the Xbox One console - Read more here. Well it's all happening here folks as the Console War of 2015 unfolds where Sony wants to give the gamers something to be excited about before the big bang of the Microsoft's 'Windows 10' announcement event.

The Gameplay Is Very Dark and Impressively Smooth

I think a bit of introduction for the game is in order.  'Bloodborne' is an upcoming video game exclusive to PS4 and is being developed by 'From Software' and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Bloodborne is the successor to Miyazaki’s previous games Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls. With a history of extremely unforgiving hard titles, Bloodborne takes place in an abandoned Gothic city where finding the light of sun is a weary task. Full of terrifying enemies, Bloodborne is bound to keep you on the edge of your seats with a frightful experience. And with the help of your agile character and an array of different weaponry including knives, swords and guns, victory is possible. Rushing into the game is no longer an option.

The game was announced with a trailer to it's name at Sony's Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014. The game is set for release worldwide in March 24th, 2015. A new trailer for the game has been released and you can view it below.

This trailer as you might have seen explains the various functions in the game, where the left analogue stick controls the player and the right analogue stick helps you to adjust the game's camera setting. The cross key, 'X' button, is used to make the player-controlled character run faster and the circle, 'O', is the interaction key which helps you interact with different items and objects in the game. The arrow keys on the left of the controller have shown to control the combat items and help the player in choosing what item to use. The 'square key' allows the player to use his 'melee' weapons in combat and the 'triangle key' can be used to power up special abilities of the character. The R1 key is used for a different type of melee attack and the R2 is used to super charge the melee attack o finish of enemies in a single blow. The L1 key allows the payer to change the melee weapon being used. The L2 key shows is used to brig the secondary user weapon into play allowing the user to land indirect ranged attacks.

The trailer very interesting shows how the weapons have been integrated in a way that they can be used in a combat combo to maximize the damage so the game has more the a simplified learning curve to it. You can also integrate the ranged attacks in a way to defend yourself and avoid enemy attacks. This trailer shows why this game makes its way into the 'Top 5 Most Anticipated Upcoming PlayStation 4 Exclusive Games' and is a great title to get your hands on.

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