Blizzard’s New Survival Game Is Played in First Person, Has Been in the Works for 4.5 Years


Earlier this week, Blizzard Entertainment softly announced its new game, a survival title set in a brand new fantasy-themed IP.

The announcement was primarily geared toward fellow game developers interested in the many job openings available. However, even though we've been told the project is still in early development, some other tidbits are worth highlighting. First of all, Blizzard president Mike Ybarra said he had already played several hours of the game.

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Most importantly, though, as spotted by PC Gamer, Project Lead Craig Amai's LinkedIn page lists the beginning of his work on this upcoming survival game back to July 2017. This implies that the project has been in development for at least four and a half years at this point in time. Of course, most of that development time was likely spent in pre-production. Still, it may not be quite as early as we were led to believe by the announcement blog post.

Even more interesting is that many of the project's developers at Blizzard have publically voiced their enthusiasm for the game they're making. It's not just those who are actively working on the project, either; some have since moved on to other games or never even directly worked on it but are still looking forward to this title.

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It's particularly relevant given the context of all Blizzard's scandals that were uncovered over the past couple of years. Those definitely appeared to have kicked down the overall morale of many internal development teams, but this project seems untouched by that wave of negativity.

As mentioned in the headline, we also learned that the survival game will be playable in first-person view. The news came from Concept & 3D Character Art Producer Camille Sanford.

That doesn't exclude a third-person option, mind you; it could very well support both.

We don't know much else about the first survival game in development at Blizzard. There are many design directions that could be taken with a survival game. What we do know is that, despite the genre's popularity, there has been no real triple-A production yet. The most successful survival games to date all belong to the indie or double-A scene.

If Blizzard could recapture some of its former magic and deliver an incredibly polished, triple-A version mixing the best survival game elements we've seen to date, then the project might end up being highly successful. After all, that was always the secret behind their biggest successes such as World of Warcraft.

Stay tuned for more news, rumors, and leaks on this highly anticipated project.