Blizzard Authentication Servers Down – Expect Delays


Were you wanting to play a bit of Overwatch tonight? Maybe a bit of Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm or even Destiny 2? Well, sadly, that's likely not possible at this moment in time. As it stands, all of Blizzard's titles that work through are affected, placing people in loading queues that are literally hours long.

The actual cause of this is unknown, though with the fact that Blizzard hasn't had a new launch to cause another Error 37 as there was back with the launch of Diablo 3. Overwatch does currently have an event in the form of the anniversary event, but that's been in progress from the 21st of May, though the double experience weekend has just begun now.

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Blizzard EU technical support themselves had this to say via Twitter

This is always frustrating for those who want to play their favourite games and one of the pitfalls with the trend of always-online games, though to be fair the titles affected are specifically online titles. Hopefully, Blizzard will be able to get to the bottom of this soon, update the fans as to what the cause of this server failure is and everybody can get back to their top titles soon.