Black Ops; Where former US Presidents kick zombie ass

Zombies were confirmed to be in Call of Duty: Black Ops a long time ago, but there is ANOTHER surprise in store for you. Not only do you get to kill zombies BUT you can do it while looking like former presides, Richard Nixon, John F. Kennedy, Robert McNamara or even Cuba's favorite dictator Fidel Castro!!!!

image courtesy of Kotaku

As you can see from the above image you can team up with many famous politicians and take down the zombie infestation from the comfort of the Pentagon itself!

Zombie mode was quite entertaining in World at War and offered a lot of replay value, but now that you get the chance to play as 2 US presidents, a secretary of defense and a dictator how can you NOT want to play this game? There is a trailer available at the source which confirms that this WILL be in the final game for sure.

Source: Kotaku

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