Black Friday Phone Deals UK: Save Over £200 On iPhone 6s, Galaxy S6 Edge and More


Flagship smartphones from all the major technology companies are released for the year as we near the holiday season. With the initial hype that loyal fans create, having died down, this is the perfect time to read more honest and unbiased reviews and upgrade your smartphones. Looking for some huge savings on Android and Apple smartphones? Here are some awesome Black Friday UK deals available from several retailers and carriers.

black friday UK

Black Friday UK deals on smartphones:

There is no perfect phone for everyone as it depends on what you specifically need and what you prefer in terms of design, OS platform and hardware. If you are still confused, it is time you make that decision because you aren't going to get better deals anytime soon. Following are some of the best smartphone Black Friday deals available to our readers in the United Kingdom. And yes, the very latest flagships from Samsung and Apple are part of these deals!

You are looking for an unlocked smartphone to gift to someone or something that is available on a monthly contract, you will definitely find a good deal here.


  • The curvy latest Galaxy S6 Edge is now £121 off on Three.
  • £125 off on Samsung Galaxy S6
  • Up to £216 off the Samsung Galaxy Alpha
  • Avail up to £144 off the LG G3
  • For our Windows fans, Three is offering up to £72 off the Microsoft Lumia 635

Carphone Warehouse:

  • Samsung Galaxy S6, 32 GB - available on Vodafone for FREE at £22 per month (500 mins, unlimited texts, 500 MB data) - Saves £200 on the upfront cost.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, 32 GB - £32.49 per month (unlimited mins, unlimited texts, 5 GB data) - £100 saving on the upfront cost.
  • HTC A9 - FREE at £23.50 per month (500 mins, unlimited texts, 500 MB data) - save £200 on the upfront cost.


  • iPhone 6s, 16GB - FREE handset; £39 per month (Unlimited mins and texts, 6GB of data)
  • iPhone 6s, 64GB - up front cost reduced by £65, £34 per month
  • iPhone 5s - handset cost £0.99, £24.99 per month


Black Friday UK

  • Vodafone says it will be adding some Black Friday deals to its website soon.
  • EE will also be adding deals on the day itself.
  • Interested in something from O2? More details on its website expected on 26 November.

Be quick as these deals go out pretty soon as the stocks are often limited. Don't forget to let us know which one did you pick in the comments below.