Black Friday Deals From Koogeek: HomeKit $15.99 Smart RGB Bulbs and Door/Window Sensors


Koogeek has a bunch of great Black Friday deals to share with us and they all revolve around HomeKit.

Koogeek's Black Friday Deals Might be Minuscule but they Beat a Lot of Manufactures in Terms of Price

If you're looking to get into the home automation game, then you already know how things can get expensive really, really fast. But, if you're reading this then you have managed to save yourself quite a bit of money thanks to Koogeek.

Koogeek has been around for quite a while and they make some of the finest HomeKit-related home automation stuff in the business. Today, they have two Black Friday related deals on offer, and they will surely leave you impressed. The first one is an RGB light bulb while the second is a door/window sensor. The latter is particularly useful if you like to keep tabs on who is opening the window or door and when exactly.

The cool thing about the bulb here is that it works with Amazon Alexa as well as Google Assistant apart from Apple's Siri. This means that you have the complete flexibility of using it anywhere regardless of your platform. The door/window sensor, on the other hand, works only with HomeKit. But the added advantage here for both devices is that they do not require a special hub to function. Just set them up, connect to WiFi, and you're done.

If you're interested, you can grab the deals from the link below. We highly recommend the light bulb here since it gives you flexibility in the millions when it comes to changing colors.

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