Black Friday 2018 Deals on All Amazon Hardware: Mega Discounts on Fire Tablet, Echo, Cloud Cam Bundles, More


Just like last year, Amazon has discounted its very own hardware by a huge margin. If you ever wanted to pick up an Echo, a Fire Tablet or a security system, now's the time to do so.

Save Big on Amazon Hardware this Year on Black Friday 2018

Whether you need a smart speaker, a tablet or just want to get into the home automation game, Amazon is a good place to start. No, we are not talking about third-party hardware here, we're talking about hardware that Amazon makes on its own and sells it to consumers. It contains a plethora of devices such as the Echo, Echo Show, Fire Tablet, Fire TV Stick and whatnot.

Interestingly, all of this hardware, despite being premium in nature, is dirt cheap without any discount applied to it. But Amazon is always looking to go big therefore every year it applies a generous discount to its hardware lineup so everyone can get a taste of what the company is cooking, and hopefully entice users to switch platforms.

This year is no different as Black Friday 2018 is right on our faces, meaning you can pick up one of Amazon's hardware for an amazingly low price. And as ever, the choices are going to tickle your fancy.

Note: I've included products in this list which feature Amazon Alexa as well, just for the sake of variety.