Beyond Skyrim Morrowind Mod ‘The New North’ Receives Brand-New Pre-Release Announcement Trailer

Beyond Skyrim Morrowind Mo63

The Beyond Skyrim Morrowind Mod ‘The New North’ has received a brand-new pre-release gameplay trailer.

The mod aims to bring the entirety of Tamriel into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. “The basic idea behind Beyond Skyrim is an old one”, the initial description of the project reads. “Recreating the other Provinces of Tamriel which (until the release of Elder Scrolls Online) had only been featured in books, has been a dream of the Elder Scrolls modding community since at least 2002.”

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Through the mod, players will venture to the northern islands of Morrowind, featuring Bleakrock Isle and Sheogorad. “Experience new, fully-voiced quests, locations, dungeons, equipment, and more in this expansion mod for Skyrim”, the team writes. You can watch the pre-release announcement trailer below:

No actual release date for the mod has been set, but the team will share updates in the near future.

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