Battlefront To Get Private Matches; Offline Bots Still Being Investigated By DICE


Yesterday, we told you that the upcoming Battlefront free January update would include a Tattooine map and new outfits for Luke and Leia Skywalker.

The information was taken from a video released by EA Brasil. That video has now been taken offline by Electronic Arts, but before that happened a few more Portuguese native speakers such as Reddit user Exsound have confirmed additional information on the upcoming update. It looks like Battlefront will finally receive Private Matches, allowing gamers to potentially organize custom tournaments; this is a big feature that the community has been asking for a long time.

Moreover, daily challenges and special community events should also be introduced. For those of you who are waiting on offline multiplayer (bots), don't hold your breath.

A few weeks ago we reported that the team was aware of the huge request for this and it looks like things did not progress a lot in the meantime. In fact, DICE's Lead Designer Dennis Brännvall commented on this particular topic in a series of tweets; offline bots apparently still need a lot of investigation and they're not being added anytime soon.

The main problem in this case might just be that DICE didn't really work much on soldier AI before release, since there is no proper single player campaign. Still, Brännvall commented that he would love to see it happen.

There's still no word on the DLC packs, but with Battlefront's 12 million strong user base it seems like that EA and DICE will want to release paid DLC very soon. There will be at least four, according to the Season Pass.