Battlefront Offline MP Has Technical Hurdles, But DICE Is Aware Of The Huge Request; DLC News Soon

Three days ago, we reported that Battlefront offline MP was being worked on by EA DICE.  This information appeared out of a chat with customer support, which is admittedly not that reliable when it comes to game development news.

However, we've received further confirmation via a private message chat occurred on the official forums between a user and a developer. More specifically, Guillaume Mroz (who works as Hero designer and scripter at EA DICE) explained that there are technical difficulties but the team is aware of the huge community request surrounding Battlefront offline MP. He also mentioned that DLC news is coming soon; check the screenshot below for proof.

Given this update, it's safe to assume that EA Dice is working on making online modes available offline as well, but it will probably take a while.

According to analyst Michael Pachter, Star Wars Battlefront may already be close to 13 million units sold. Considering that the Season Pass is comprised of four DLC packs (for a total of 16 additional maps, 4 heroes/villains, 4 modes and 20 weapons/vehicles/Star Cards), it makes sense that news about the first one is due very soon.

EA Dice also promised that Star Wars Battlefront will receive more free content after the Jakku DLC, though, such as maps and Star Cards. Let's hope they deliver.

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