New Battlefield Hardline Teaser Intentionally Released, Mostly Shows Story Mode

Rizwan Anwer

Battlefield Hardline is having a rough couple of weeks. The game just keeps getting beaten to the punch and never gets any official coverage that isn't overshadowed by a leak happening only moments before, It seems that Ian MIlham has a sense of humor and let out an intentional teaser "on purpose".

Battlefield Hardline Official BannerBattlefield Hardline is a game that literally needs no introduction. The game has gotten its infamy thus far through one leak after another. It seems that Ian Milham, the Creative Director of the project has developed quite a sense of humor to the trend and has released the latest teaser with the previous leaks in mind and has kept a rather light tone when releasing the first official teaser on Battlefield's official YouTube page. The teaser is definitely very entertaining and you can bet that the game will be coming to E3 with quite a large presence.

And here is the New Battlefield Hardline Teaser (Intentionally Released), which mostly looks like Single Player mode.

Here are some additional screens that were released for promotional purposes that definitely show the single player portion of the game, While I like the direction that the studio is taking, I hope that their execution and delivery on story telling is able to surpass that of Battlefield 3 and 4 and actually deliver us an engaging and interesting story that we can play before proceeding on to the multiplayer of the game which is obviously the highlight of every Battlefield game. The screenshots do look very tantalizing and makes one wonder which version of the game are these shots from?


The game is coming out October 21st 2014 and will follow on the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and the PC. Personally, I have been waiting for a game like this and glad that EA is finally moving past military shooters for a change. What do you think of the new teaser and screenshots?

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