Battlefield Hardline New Patch Upcoming – Dev Talks to The Players For Constructive Feedback

Battlefield hardline is a first person shooter that just made its way across platforms a week earlier. The game has been allotted some good and mediocre rating by its reviewers but generally its tilting towards the good category in shooter games. It has been the latest installment in the Battlefield series and is published by Electronic Arts across all major platforms including the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It's been a bit longer than a week and already we have news for you regarding its patch where earlier on its release we brought to you the visual comparison of Battlefield Hardline which compared PC , PS4 and the Xbox One. More recently the game had issues installing on the PS4 console which have been mostly resolved by the developers by now.


New Battlefield Hardline Patch Will Focus on Weapon Balance

Moving on to the topic at hand, we have had news about the games upcoming patch although the date has not been confirmed but the lead multiplayer designer for Battlefield Hardline, Thaddeus Sasser, did say that they were planning on bringing weapon balances to the game. It is more than just a plan as they pointed out that the dev team has been trying them out for themselves at the moment and noticed significant improvements.

The context changes and the statement in full, as stated on the Battlefield Hardline forum, is as follows:

"Hi guys,
A lot of people have been providing feedback on the gameplay balance, and we've been looking at the data and feedback (as we always do). Here's a quick list of changes we're considering for the next update. I do not have an ETA for you on this update yet, but once we know we'll provide dates.
- K10: Reduce bullet damage to 33
- Saiga and PTR: reduce recoil to bring more in line with Cop faction DMRs
- HCAR and HK51: reduce recoil to bring more in line with SCAR-H and SA-58
- .410 Jury: Increase damage per pellet to become more effective
- FMG-9 and M/45: Increase damage per round to 25 and push out falloff start range to make these weapons more effective
- Battlerifle min damage increased to 25 across the board
- AKM min damage reduced to 24
Just kidding, be nice to each other. We've tested these changes and find them to be good improvements, look forward to constructive feedback."

Well the developers have shown good intent by coming out and sharing their improvements with the gamers and as they said, they hoped for constructive feedback in return. Looking at the replies to the forum post, that wish was granted and players took this change well and added some further improvements the team could try out.

Do look out for the upcoming patch in a couple of weeks. We will keep you updated with the latest and until then, do share what you think about the game improvements in the comments section.

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