Battlefield 3 Will run Frostbite Engine 2.0 on all Platforms

Rizwan Anwer

DICE Has just confirmed that Battlefield 3 will be able to run Frostbite engine 2.0 on ALL Platforms while this means that the game will still look graphically stunning on all platforms (but will definitely look its finest on the PC) it will definitely look amazing on the consoles too.

Alan Kertz, the games gameplay designer released a tweet

"Bullshit confirmed. Frostbite 2.0 is the engine running the game on all platforms!!"

What this means is that the game will definitely still run scaled down and on capped FPS on the consoles but it will more or less look like the PC version (if you play the game on medium settings or so)

Battlefield 3 will not follow in the steps of Crytek and work on two separate engines for the same game they are instead working on one engine to be used on all platforms! Crytek developed their Popular gaming engine of "CryEngine" into CryEngine 2 (For PC) and CryEngine 3 (For XBOX 360 and PS3) where CryEngine 2 offered a lot more than 3 in terms of FPS, Graphics etc.

Crytek developed Cryengine 3 for all platforms too but in the end the PC version got the better end of the stick in the form of variable FPS, better visuals, DirectX 11 support etc while the Console versions were still good looking with scaled down resolutions and capped framerates.

But this time DICE is working on a single engine for Battlefield 3 where the multiplatform game will run great on PC / PS3 and 360 but on the latter(s) you will have to put up with scaled down graphics and lesser multiplayer features but otherwise you can count on BF3 to be a great game and definitely worth waiting for!.

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