New Battlefield 3 EDGE scans

Jul 10, 2011

EDGE Magazine has shown some pretty interesting shots of Battlefield 3, while they are scans you can still see the natural beauty of the game easily and if you look hard enough you might even be able to read some of the text 😀 Battlefield 3 is the hot topic of the gaming community right now and these scans just help increase the excitement for the game itself! I for one can not wait for Battlefield 3 to release and get ready for some fun online action. For now here is a teaser image of the scans :).

As you can see from the above images the game looks bloody amazing, even though these are scanned images from the magazine you can still see the beauty of the game and can definitely expect this to be pretty intensive on your PC when it does release later this year, I am definitely looking forward to more multiplayer details of the game and am awaiting for the beta of the game to launch so I can get a taste of the game too :).