Battlefield 2042 Season 3 Adds New Map, Specialist, Vehicle, Weapons, and Several Reworks

Alessio Palumbo
Battlefield 2042 Season 3

At a recent press preview event, we had the opportunity to check out the unveiling of Battlefield 2042 Season 3 - Escalation in advance.

The crown jewel of this new update, due for release on November 22nd across all platforms, is easily the new Spearhead map. It's the first one in the Battlefield franchise to be set in Sweden, DICE's homeland.

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Take the fight to the Swedish wilderness in this CQC-focused map, featuring two Nordvik semi-automated manufacturing facilities containing high-tech weaponry and components for weather machines. These facilities are surrounded by rock formations for increased cover and an untamed terrain fit for spectacular land and air battles.

Season 3's Specialist addition is Zain, an Egyptian security expert equipped with the XM370A airburst launcher, a weapon meant to be used for flushing foes from their cover positions.  Zain is also said to be the fastest healing soldier on the battlefield, immediately recovering his health after a kill.

Escalation introduces the EMKV90-TOR tank to Battlefield 2042. The vehicle can be switched between two rather self-explanatory main modes, mobility and siege. Both modes feature an active threat detection system that displays nearby incoming threats on the HUD.

Of course, Battlefield 2042 Season 3 comes with several new weapons. The most striking of them is easily the RORSCH MK-4 Railgun, capable of multiple firing modes and deadly in the hands of those who can master its unique charge timings. Then there's the dual-barreled semi-automatic NVK-S22 Smart Shotgun and the long-barreled NVK-P125 Bullpup Pistol. Last but not least, throwing knives are back.

The developers are also adding new Assignments that, once completed, unlock classic Vault Weapons from Battlefield Portal, such as the XM8 LMG and the A-91 assault rifle. More will be added throughout Battlefield 2042 Season 3.

Later during the course of Escalation, DICE also promises the Specialist rework system, which will be brought closer to the previous installment's Class system. Here's an overview from the developers.

Each class will receive Class Equipment and Class Gadget of choice. Weapon proficiencies will become available, providing gameplay benefits for each Class. For example, Recons will immediately be able to hold their breath for a constant steady scope when using sniper rifles.

•Irish moves to Support, while Crawford moves to Engineer. Irish will take Crawford’s current trait, and Crawford will receive a new trait geared towards Engineer gameplay.

•We want Rao to fit better within the Recon class. To achieve this, we’re improving communication between Rao and squadmates to highlight when targets are vulnerable.

•Boris’ turret will target vehicles and prioritize them over soldiers. Class system work will continue through Season 4 with more design changes to other Specialists, balancing changes, and new content arriving to fill class gadget choices.


Two map overhauls are launching in the next two months, with Manifest coming in December and Breakaway in January. As a reminder, Battlefield 2042 is now part of EA Play/Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It'll also be playable for free on Xbox between December 1-4, on PC between December 1-5, and on PlayStation between December 16-23.

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