Battlefield 2042 Gets Santa-Themed Content After All with “Attack of the Elves” Mode

Battlefield 2042

As many a Christmas special has taught us, you just can’t keep Santa down, and it turns out St. Nick and his elves will be invading Battlefield 2042 after all. As we reported earlier this month, Battlefield 2042 players worked themselves into a lather when a Santa-themed skin for Specialist Boris was discovered by dataminers. A bit Grinchy, sure, but it’s understandable that some weren’t thrilled about Battlefield 2042 going the Fortnite route with wacky tonally-clashing skins. The official Battlefield Twitter account would eventually step in, saying the skin in question likely wouldn’t be used, while also warning cosmetics for single-time use in special modes may also be in the works.

Well, we now know why that warning was issued, as “Attack of the Elves” mode has just gone live in Battlefield 2042. This infection-style mode pits a team of Santas wielding Christmas-themed LCMGs against a horde of elves toting grappling hooks and stabby candy canes. Both sides will sport festive skins, but they’re different than the one that leaked before and are restricted to the new mode. Nevertheless, fans that were hoping they had dodged the Santa bullet are less than thrilled.

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Those not in the mood for Christmas cheer can also check out 1942 vs 2042 Conquest, a new version of the 64-player Conquest mode that dropped earlier this week.

Battlefield 2042 is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, and PS5.

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