Battlefield 2042 Comparison Video Highlights Solid Performance on Xbox Series S, Slightly Better Temporal Reconstruction on PlayStation 5 and More

Battlefield 2042

A new Battlefield 2042 comparison video has been shared online, highlighting the differences between the PC and current-generation versions of the latest entry in the series by DICE.

The video, shared by ElAnalistaDeBits, not only highlights the solid performance of the Xbox Series S version and the slightly better temporal reconstruction on Playstation 5 but also confirms the resolution of all console versions. Speaking about performance, it seems like both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X versions suffer from occasional drops, with them being more common on PlayStation 5.

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Series S: 1260p at 60fps with temporal reconstruction rendering
PS5: 2160p at 60fps with temporal reconstruction rendering
SX: 2160p at 60fps with temporal reconstruction rendering

Battlefield 2042 on PC version runs with all settings maxed out using DLSS in quality mode with an RTX 3080.

The PS5 version seems to apply temporal reconstruction better, achieving a slightly sharper result than the Series X version, but lower than the DLSS on PC.

The PC version has the possibility to activate ray tracing for ambient occlusion with Nvidia card.

Series S has a practically perfect framerate. PS5/SX suffer some occasional drops, being more common on PS5.

Similar textures on PS5/SX in most cases, but in others the PS5 version is closer to the PC version. Lower quality of textures in Series S.

Slight anisotropic filtering improvement on Series X over PS5. Lower in Series S.

Series S shadows have lower resolution. On PS5/SX, they seem to have the same graphical setting.

Regarding vegetation, Series S has a lower amount. It is difficult to know if PS5/SX/PC have the same configuration, since the vegetation distribution is different, but they look the same.

The Battlefield 2042 drawing distance is similar on the 4 platforms, but slightly lower on Series S.

Reflections have lower resolution on S Series. On PS5, they seem to have lower quality compared to SX/PC.

There are curious differences between versions, but in any case they are anecdotal. It's a good job on all platforms.

Battlefield 2042 is now available in Early Access on PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, and Xbox One. The game will officially launch later this week, on November 18th. You can learn more about the latest entry in the series by DICE by checking out Alessio's review in progress.

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