Battlefield 2021 May be Partly Set in Japan, Scenes from Trailer Leak via…Pencil Sketches?


In recent weeks, a number of rumors have emerged about this year’s new Battlefield game, many of them coming from reliable leaker Tom Henderson. We’ve heard that this year’s game will simply be titled Battlefield, will feature a near-future setting similar to Battlefield 3 and 4, and that a new battle royale mode is likely in the works. It’s also rumored that Battlefield 2021 may be a Day One Xbox Game Pass release. Of course, none of these rumors have been confirmed by EA, so take them with a grain of salt for now, but they seem plausible enough.

Well, in recent days Tom Henderson has continued his leaking, although he’s been taking a new and somewhat unique approach with it. Apparently, Henderson has got a look at the reveal trailer for this year’s Battlefield and he’s been revealing snippets of it via…pencil sketches? The first sketch seems to back up his rumors of a near-future setting and that weather will play a big role, as we see what appears to be a tropical island with both a storm and a swarm of drones moving in.

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A talented fan then took Henderson’s rough sketch and turned it into actual concept art.

Henderson would later post this sketch, showing a tornado or cyclone closing in on some type of rocket launchpad.

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He then posted a Google Earth link, which points to the Tanegashima Space Center in Japan, a location that lines up pretty well with the images Henderson has shared.

So, unless this is a particularly weird hoax, it would seem that the debut trailer for Battlefield 2021 will focus heavily on extreme weather and the game may be set at least partly in Japan (in all likeliness, it will be a typical globe-hopping adventure).

EA has confirmed a new Battlefield game is coming out this year, but platforms and specific details have yet to be confirmed. It’s rumored that a reveal may take place sometime around May. What do you think about these latest leaks? Are they getting you excited for the game?