Batman: Arkham Knight – New Screenshots Show Amazing Visuals

The largely awaited finale to the Batman series is back again with a bang. Just when you forgot about the game, there's always something new in store for you about the Batman series finale. Last time on an AMA (ask me anything) hosted by the developers on Reddit, several news about the games gameplay was revealed and if you missed it you can view it in detail here. Particularly important release was the confirmation of the introduction of the bat-mobile in mission and the new metallic look given to batman by Rocksteady Studios. The game is shaping up to be a cracker release for all those RPG fans out there.

Crystal Clear Black Death To Enemies of Gotham City

The twitter account of Batman Arkham tweeted some new and some re-tweets of in-game screenshots of Batman Arkham Knight. The special thing about these is that they are much more clearer than any released before, particularly because of their increased brightness showing batman in a whole new outfit. You can check these out for yourself below.

The first one shows Batman in the middle of a fight and outgunned by villains.

The second one below is a classic and very common release of Batman with bat-mobile in the background which was earlier retweeted by their twitter page.

Another one shows batman walking towards a couple of villains who are vandalising the streets of Gotham City.

The last one shows a screenshots of villain guards on duty captioned 'The calm before the storm.' If you look closely, you'll see a small dark figure of batman in the background ready to swoop in for the kill.

One thing that's for sure is that the game looks amazing with some very eye catching graphics. The video quality is clear and vivid and Batman's latest release might just pull your mid ranged PC to its limits with its PC requirements which are yet to be unveiled. The ones online are not official at the moment and are ridiculously low for a next gen game and I expect it to be heavy game requiring a decent PC to run it. With that being said, its an amazing upcoming title whose place at the top of the list is self-justified and you'd be wrong to think otherwise. The game releases globally on the 2nd of June and pre-orders for the game have already begun on the official Batman Arkham Knight page.

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