Batman Arkham Knight: Rocksteady Details The Game’s Gadgets

Archie Paras

Gaz Deaves, Social Marketing Manager for Rocksteady Studios discussed the new tools that are being introduced as well as a new form of transport to compensate for the large increase in size of the world.

“One of the best things about working with Batman is thinking of new ways to use gadgets to solve problems. We haven’t talked about the new gadgets that we’re adding to Batman’s utility belt yet, but on top of all the new tools you’ll have access to, one of the things we wanted to do this time is expand on how some of our classic Arkham gadgets can be deployed,”

“So you can now use gadgets while you’re airborne – for example, throwing batarangs into a group of thugs to thin them out before you engage on foot.

Some gadgets have been upgraded in response to the bigger design decisions we made in the game. For example, the skyscrapers in Gotham city are extremely tall, so to make navigation feel more natural, we’ve added a new chain grapnel that allows you to quickly ascend them by grappling multiple times in quick succession.”

Gameplay in Arkham Knight seems to be getting much more dynamic than in the previous chapters.

Being able to use gadgets like Batarangs while in the air will certainly add a much more strategic element in the game as well an increased flow to the combo system. Ascending tall buildings has not been the easiest of endeavors for the Dark Knight but the new “chain Grapnel” that allows him to grapple “multiple times in quick succession”, will alleviate that.

We have seen how fluid the transition between getting in and out of the Batmobile is and these two new confirmed additions will further help to enhance the fluidity of the game. The atmosphere of the game world has been very much enhanced with the inclusion of rain, something that also adds much more flair to the visual fidelity of the game.

Gaz Deaves talked about the Batmobile,

“When we first started looking at ideas for new elements to build into our third Batman game, everyone immediately got very excited about the possibilities of adding in a drivable Batmobile. But it wasn’t until we got a few tech demos and experiments running that we realized we were onto something quite special that felt like a natural extension of the Arkham gameplay that we’ve been creating and refining since 2007.”

“Batman’s car is such an important part of his identity, and it’s been interpreted so differently by so many different writers and creators. We really felt this sense of obligation to show what our version of the Batmobile would look like – and give players the unique experience of driving that car.”

“The Batmobile is Batman’s most powerful gadget, and it’s useful in all kinds of ways depending on the situation. Pursuit Mode gives you access to the afterburner and ejector seat – you’ll be using it to get across the city quickly, and also to chase down suspects and outrun hostile forces. Battle Mode raises the Batmobile’s turret, making the heavy weaponry available. In Battle Mode you can also activate the car’s gadgets like the power winch, which can be used to manipulate the environment by pulling up ramps, tearing down obstacles, and more.”

“The Batmobile is an essential ally for Batman in dealing with the events of Batman: Arkham Knight. There will be points in the game where players will need it to deal with some of the challenges, and some parts where you don’t have access to it – but you’ll probably wish you did!”

Batman Arkham Knight is one of the year's biggest releases and probably will end up becoming the crowning achievement in Rocksteady's Arkham Trilogy. The game will release on June 2nd on the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms. We will bring you any more details on the game as they become available.

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