Base M2 MacBook Air Features Slower SSD Speeds in Benchmarks, Apple Responds

Base M2 MacBook Air Slower SSD in Benchmarks

Apple's latest and greatest MacBook Air with an M2 chip is finally here as reviews keep coming in with mixed insights. The new MacBook Air with Apple's custom M2 chip comes with a major redesign and a brand-new display housing the notch up top. We have previously seen how the base M2 MacBook Pro model features slower SSD speeds in benchmarks due to the single NAND storage chip. It looks like Apple has stretched the approach to the M2 MacBook Air as well as it also features slower SSD speeds in benchmarks. Scroll down to read more details on the subject.

Apple's Latest M2 MacBook Air With 256GB Storage Features Slower SSD Speeds in Benchmarks Due to a Single NAND Chip

The base model of the M2 MacBook Air with 256GB of storage capacity features a single NAND chip and it will reflect in the benchmarks. However, the real-world performance might vary depending on the type of workload. It was uncovered last month that the base model of the M2 MacBook Pro with 256GB of storage featured up to 50 percent slower read speeds and up to 30 percent slower write speeds compared to the previous model with the same configuration due to a single NAND chip.

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Base M2 MacBook Air Slower SSD in Benchmarks

While the new M2 MacBook Air shares the same fate as the Pro model when it comes to SSD speeds in benchmarks, Apple has shared its side of the story. In a statement to The Verge, Apple stated that even though the benchmarks show a difference compared to the previous model, the real-world performance is "event faster."

Thanks to the performance increases of M2, the new MacBook Air and the 13-inch MacBook Pro are incredibly fast, even compared to Mac laptops with the powerful M1 chip. These new systems use a new higher density NAND that delivers 256GB storage using a single chip. While benchmarks of the 256GB SSD may show a difference compared to the previous generation, the performance of these M2 based systems for real world activities are even faster.

While Apple shares all glory for the new M2 MacBook Air, we will wait for the relevant tests to see how the machine performs with day-to-day tasks. Previously, we covered how the M2 MacBook Pro is slower than the M1 MacBook Pro with the same 256Gb storage capacity when it comes to real-world usage. Nonetheless, the updated design and form factor of the notebook is a more than welcome addition.

This is all there is to it, folks. Are you planning to get your hands on the base model of the M2 MacBook Air? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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