AUKEY’s 36W, Dual USB-C Port Charger Is Currently Just $19


Charge two iPhones or Android phones at full speed with the AUKEY 36W dual USB-C port charger for as little as $19 for a limited time.

AUKEY's Powerful 36W USB-C Charger is a Bargain Deal for Those Who Want to Fast Charge Their Phones and Tablets

For a fairly long time we kept on seeing single-port USB-C chargers, but Anker and AUKEY stepped up their game by offering a solution with two ports on board. This means if you have multiple power hungry devices, you can fast charge them using USB-C using a single wall charger. And if you are out looking for a similar charger, then AUKEY has you covered today.

For a limited time only the company is offering its 36W, dual USB-C port charger for a price of just $19. If you plug in just one power hungry device then you will be treated to a full 36W of power. If you connect two of them, then each port will balance out at 18W which is still pretty good.

What this means is, if you have a compatible iPhone connected to the charger using a USB-C to Lightning cable, it will charge up at full speed. You can even charge up an iPhone or iPad Pro together, too. Android users aren't out of any sort of luck. Just plug in and reap the benefits of fast charging. Have a Nintendo Switch? It will charge up just fine, don't worry.

This USB-C charger is fully compliant with the Power Delivery 3.0 protocol which is the latest charging standard in the world of USB-C. Apart from that, AUKEY has baked in Dynamic Detect for perfect load balancing between ports.

Buy AUKEY 36W Fast Charger USB C Wall Charger with Power Delivery 3.0 - Was $27, now just $19 using discount code MI8BRRGF and on-page coupon.

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