Various AIB’s Geforce GTX 960 Pictures and Preliminary Pricing Leaked – ASUS, Zotac and EVGA Included

As I mentioned in my post some days ago, Nvidia has given AIBs the go ahead to begin channel and retailer seeding, which means leaks and more leaks. As always, the reliable was able to get hold of retailer material of various AIBs including ASUS, Zotac and EVGA. We now have the pictures and box art of these AIBs thanks to VCZ. Before we do that however, lets begin with a small pricing update:

GTX 960 Pricing Update

I also have some interesting news from Hermitage Akihabara. Turns out they have listed a retail price of $250 to $300 for various AIBs. Add that to the fact that my source revealed that a GTX 960 in Thailand costs $313 and you have a very alarming coincidence. It could just be utterly wonky import duties and introductory prices but I have a hunch we might be looking at a price tag upwards or equal to $250, which would diminish some of the value this card has.

NVIDIA Maxwell GM204A poster slide from the original GM204 slide deck. @Nvidia Public Domain

ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 960 OC, EVGA GeForce GTX 960, ZOTAC GeForce GTX 960 and AMP! Edition Leaked


Lets start with the ASUS STRIX GeForce GTX 960 OC first (given above). The retailer code name is STRIX-GTX960-DC2OC-2GD5 and the form factor is reminiscent of the GTX 750 Ti because the PCB is very small. It features a DirectCU II cooler and it has the idle-fan off feature, which allows the card to turn the fan completely of for an alleged '0db' noise level. I can count one DVI Port, 3 Display Ports and 1 HDMI port. Not a bad amount for such a compact card, ofcourse you can forget about gaming with reasonable fps/graphics with multiple displays thanks to the tiny 128 bit bus.


Here we have the EVGA GeForce GTX 960 Superclocked edition featuring the ACX 2.0 fan. The clocks are unknown but VCZ states that it will come with a baseplate and a single 8-pin connector. I can count one DVI Port, 3 Display Ports and 1 HDMI port.


Here we have Zotac's Geforce GTX 960. According to the source this box art and design will be used for a standard version and an OC version. The PCB is small and only 1 Six Pin connector is required. The OC model will ship with clocks of 1177 / 1240 MHz clocks. I can count one DVI Port, 3 Display Ports and 1 HDMI port.


Here we have the Zotac Geforce GTX 970 AMP! edition. This appears to be the highest clocked models around with outstanding clocks of 1266 / 1329 MHz on base and turbo respectively. Considering you are hitting the 1.4 Ghz mark on air and even that on a single Six Pin converter is just insane. If only Nvidia hadn't gimped the memory bus width, the GTX 960 would have been a no-brainer, even though it still appears to have good value. Once again, I can count one DVI Port, 3 Display Ports and 1 HDMI port. This makes this ports specification the same across the board.

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