ASUS ROG Maximus & V Extreme Being Showcased At Computex

Sabeeh Qureshi

Who doesn’t love anything that has ROG all over it? With Computex just hours away from its start, the average pc enthusiast would be busting with joy when their eyes get to feast on this. More images of ASUS’s ROG Maximus, and V Extreme have finally come to light.

To be showcased at Computex, we can easily depict from the photos feature new heat sink designs as well as Intel’s Thunderbolt ports, 8 SATA ports on both motherboards and so on.

One of the thing you might notice here is the V Extreme is missing its chipset and VRM heat sink, that too in particular since the board hasn’t left its development stage and is probably here as a show piece.

Not much can be said on the specifications of the motherboards but we will keep you updated as we get more on this!

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