ASUS To Make It Easier For You To Remove Your GPUs Through PCIe Slot With Quick Slot Release Feature On Z690 ROG Motherboards

Jason R. Wilson
Source: VideoCardz

ASUS has teased its brand new solution to quickly releasing the PCIe slot-lock on their next-gen Z690 motherboards known as 'PCIe Slot Q-Release'. This new feature will be offered on the ASUS Z690 ROG (Republic Of Gamers) Maximus and ROG STRIX series motherboards.

ASUS To Offer PCIe Slot Quick Release Technology On Its Z690 ROG & ROG STRIX Motherboards

On Twitter, user @momomo_us located a description, explaining the functionality of the design.

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VideoCardz analyzed the ASUS Z690 motherboard lines and believes that they have discovered the motherboard models that will offer the PCIe Slot Q-Release. It appears to only cover just the ROG MAXIMUS and ROG STRIX lines.

  • ROG STRIX Z690-A
  • ROG STRIX Z690-E
  • ROG STRIX Z690-F

— VideoCardz


The ASUS motherboards missing from the list are the ASUS TUF, ProArt, and PRIME series motherboards, which we are to speculate that those three families will not offer the quick-release functionality. It is also rumored to not be available for the smaller and more compact Micro-ATX and Mini-ITX ROG STRIX series. With the compatibility of PCIe 5.0, the next-gen PCIe technology, it is possible that the missing ASUS motherboards will be refashioned to offer that functionality down the line, but this is only speculation. No word has been released from ASUS about their other motherboard lines' functionality in the future.

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As a reminder, it is never wise to swap out your GPUs connected to the motherboard while the system is active unless specifically stated by the manufacturer. There are none out currently that offer to remove the GPU while the system is on, and in the process of removing the card, you will possibly damage the motherboard, graphics card, or the entire system as a whole.

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