ASUS, MSI & ASRock Z590 Motherboard Prices Detailed – Over $1000 US For Flagship Products

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Various motherboard manufacturers and retailers have started providing pricing information for their Z590 motherboard lineups. ASUS & MSI confirmed the prices for several boards a while back but we also got a word from ASRock on their recently revealed Z590 motherboards.

ASUS, MSI & ASRock Z590 Motherboard Prices Revealed - Starting at $189 US & Going Up To $1500 US

While we have covered all the Z590 chipset based motherboards for Intel's 10th & 11th Gen CPUs over here, we didn't cover the prices back then since they weren't revealed yet. But now, retailers and board makers have provided us with brief information on the prices of their upcoming boards.

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MSI Z590 Motherboard Prices

Starting with MSI, the company listed down a total of 12 Z590 motherboards along with their prices which have seen a definite increase over their Z490 predecessors. The prices aren't that bad if you look in the mainstream and budget segment which mostly stick to the $200-$300 US range. Boards such as the Z590-A PRO and Z590 PRO WiFi will hit an MSRP of $189 and $209 US, respectively. The MAG lineup starts at $229 US and goes up to $239 US since it has only two models listed as of now.

The more premium MPG and MEG lineups feature the most expensive variants. The MSI MPG Z590 lineup starts at $264 US so we are already looking at a $250 US+ tier and goes all the way up to the $324 US Z590 Gaming Carbon WiFi. The MEG lineup starts at $329 US but the most expensive Z590 motherboards in this lineup are the ACE which retails at $489 US and the GODLIKE which retails at $1019 US. Both, the ACE and GODLIKE, come with higher prices than their predecessors, the ACE in Z490 variation was priced at $399 US but that has now increased to $489 US which is a premium of $90 US. The Z490 GODLIKE had an MSRP of around $749 US while the Z590 GODLIKE has a $250 US premium.

MSI Z590 Motherboard Prices

Motherboard NameMSRP is USDMSRP in Euro
MEG Z590 GODLIKE1019999
MEG Z590 ACE489479
MEG Z590 UNIFY389379
MEG Z590I UNIFY329319
MPG Z590 Gaming Carbon WiFi324314
MPG Z590 Gaming Force314310
MPG Z590 Gaming EDGE WiFi284279
MPG Z590 Gaming PLUS264260
MAH Z590 TOMOHAWK WiFi239235
MAG Z590 TORPEDO229225
Z590 PRO WiFi209205
Z590-A PRO189185

MSI, like ASUS earlier, mentions that the following reason for the price increase of its products:

  • Covid19 causes supply chain disruption
  • Cost increase (PCB, VRM, Audio, etc)
  • Short term: Chinese New Year
  • Shipment Cost Increase

ASUS Z590 Motherboard Prices

ASUS on the other hand has listed 13 Z590 motherboards along with their prices but in Euros. The lineup starts at 189 Euro and goes all the way up to 1516 Euro. The most entry-level models which include the PRIME Z590-P and PRIME Z590M-PLUS will retail for 201 & 189 Euro, respectively. ASUS TUF Gaming models will start at 239 Euro and 252 Euro. The premium PRIME Z590-A will retail for 277 Euro.

Coming to the ROG STRIX lineup, we have motherboards in very similar price ranges which start at 328 Euro and go as high as 378 Euro. Lastly, we have the ROG Maximus XIII lineup which starts at a price of 505 Euro. That's what both the APEX and HERO models will cost this time and are a definite increase over their predecessors. The Extreme models are the most expensive motherboards this time around with the standard variant priced at 960 Euros and the Glacial variant positioned as a 1500+ Euro product.

ASUS Z590 Motherboard Prices

Motherboard NameMSRP in EurosAvailability
ROG MAXIMUS XIII HERO505Beginning of February 2021
ROG STRIX Z590-E GAMING WIFI378Beginning of February 2021
ROG STRIX Z590-F GAMING WIFI341Beginning of February 2021
ROG STRIX Z590-A GAMING WIFI328Beginning of February 2021
PRIME Z590-A277Beginning of February 2021
TUF GAMING Z590-PLUS WIFI252Beginning of February 2021
TUF GAMING Z590-PLUS239Q1 / 2021
PRIME Z590-P201Q1 / 2021
PRIME Z590M-PLUS189Q1 / 2021

ASRock Z590 Motherboard Prices

Lastly, ASRock mentioned prices for 5 of their Z590 motherboards. Their lineup starts at $194.99 US with the Z590 Steel Legend and goes up to $429.99 US for the Taichi model. ASRock has its flagship priced under $500 US and the mainstream lineup below $300 US. That doesn't mean that they did not increase the prices of their boards, in fact, the Z490 Taichi cost $369.99 US at launch so the new Z590 Taichi is $60 US expensive than its predecessor.

We have also asked Gigabyte for the prices of their Z590 lineup and they should be providing us soon so look back for more pricing info.

ASRock Z590 Motherboard Prices

Motherboard NameMSRP in USD
Z590 Taichi$429.99 US
Z590 PG Velocita$289.99 US
Z590 Extreme4$224.99 US
Z590 Steel Legend WiFi 6E$209.99 US
Z590 Steel Legend$194.99 US
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