ASUS HD 7970 Matrix Being Showcased At Computex 2012

The last we had heard about ASUS MARS was with the GTX 580 Matrix. This time however, ASUS has quietly come up with the ASUS HD 7970 Matrix graphics card that will be available as a showcase as well as test out for all visitors there.

The card is being under NDA from ASUS hence no details have been given on what the card has on it, clocks, memory and so on.

On the other hand, the card from the looks seems to have a 3 slot dual fan air-cooled design that also includes voltage adjustment more of likely similar options as they earlier gave with the Matrix GTX 580. The GPU is powered by dual 8 Pin PCIe power connectors.

The booth has been set next to the MARS III booth so you can sense the weight of this being ASUS’s current flagship card from AMD. We’ll keep you updated as we get more on this!

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